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We've found our #1 fan. And she's amazing!

Heike and Anna always come to the Brass Monkey for the warm welcome and of course the chowder.

Heike and Anna always come to the Brass Monkey for the warm welcome and of course the chowder.

Heike Veit has visited us many times at The Brass Monkey, in fact every time she is in Ireland she comes to Howth to see us. She follows us on Facebook and Twitter too. This November Heike and her daughter Anna visited us from Überlingen on Lake Constance in Germany. 

Heike's love for Irish culture, music and the Irish mentality which she had heard and read about in books and films created a longing to visit Ireland from age 16. It wasn't until much later for her first visit to the emerald isle aged 54.

On Heike's first visit she stayed in Glasnevin. A few friendly suggestions on the best pint, best museums and where to eat lead her to the Brass Monkey in Howth. 

After the long cliff walk she found us nestled in Howth harbour with a view of the fishing boats. She tracked down this famous chowder and it was overwhelmingly mouth-watering, delicious and worth the trek to Howth. We serve it in a little black metal pan on a wooden tray with two homemade brown bread and a piece of Irish butter. 

Like many of our reviewers and letters we receive, the Brass Monkey seafood chowder is always compared to others. Well we did win Best Chowder in Ireland 2012! Cooked to an old Irish recipe the deluxe seafood chowder is a creamy seafood soup with vegetables, salmon, cod, smoked haddock, mussels, tiger prawns, scallop & crab meat and it is absolutely delicious!

So thank you Heike and Anna for making our day this November. You are welcome any time!

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

“What can I say.  I was so happy it filled me up with a fine inner warmth on that cold and stormy day in January.  And I will never eat any other fish soup again nowhere else without comparing it to this!  Besides that, I love the Brass Monkey’s interior, it’s „gemütlich“ as we Germans say.  Especially all the cute painted and soft toy monkeys in the mainly dark red room create a cosy pleasant and kind atmosphere.

I really will recommend all my friends to visit this place, whenever they will come to Dublin and visit Howth. And by the way… German restaurateurs could learn from the Irish to serve free (!) water from the tap with every dish and to welcome people as heartly as the Irish do!”

Liebe Grüße
— Heike from Ueberlingen at Lake Constance / South Germany

Voted best calamari in Dublin

best calamari in brass monkey restaurant howth dublin

We were delighted to be voted number 1 for calamari in Dublin. Although Howth is no stranger to great seafood and there are plenty of places to eat. The brass Monkey on the West Pier has been serving great seafood, tapas and homemade desserts since 2010. 

We love our regulars who visit as often as possible for their favourite dishes such as piri piri crab claws, beer battered fish and chips and Cajun salmon burger to name a few. But the star of the show this week was the calamari. We ran rings around the others and topped the pols from Foursquare for the best calamari in Dublin. 

We serve up to 200 guests daily during the summer months and are always delighted to get a nice pat on the back for a job well done. We are open throughout the year from 12pm daily at 12 West Pier.

You can read the article and comments here

Our award winning calamari is best in Dublin.

Our award winning calamari is best in Dublin.